Doors of Opportunity Necklace – Freedom

Nada Ghazal


  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Champagne Diamonds: 1.50 ct
  • Blue Diamonds: 1.40 ct

"DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY" is a collection that represents the belief in the magic of new beginnings. It draws inspiration from the symbolism and beauty of doors - often seen as a gateway between one life and another. The collection features auspicious symbols and precious stones that represent blessings of transformation, luck, prosperity, love, and growth. Chapter 1: The Door: The hero piece is a door necklace that opens to feature a butterfly. Butterflies usually symbolize transformation, but they also manifest blessings of healing, freedom and rebirth when in different colors. These were translated into different pieces such as rings and pendants with the different colors and symbols each representing a blessing.

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