Give Love Large Pendant

Atelier Lïya


  • 18K Yellow Gold, 12.50 gr
  • Diamonds: 0.82 ct
  • Dimensions: 3 x 2 mm
Love abides by no rules, except one: the more you give, the more it grows. It remains an eternal beacon of hope, because when we love we know that we are indeed alive. And at the end, what greater gift is there, than that of unconditional love?

Lïya’s second collection entitled ‘The Giving Collection’ is made up of 4 key parts: Give Love, Give Peace, Give Courage and Give Hope. This collection is the natural evolution of Pieces of Home as it moves away form the self and turns to the other. It is a collection that touches upon our humanity and sense of values, our generosity and kindness. Created with a heart that is open and a stunning sense of aesthetics, we can only hope that our pieces will touch your hearts as well.