Alia Mouzannar


Alia Mouzannar comes from a renowned family of jewelers, established in the 18th century in Beirut. She studied architecture before embracing jewelry design in 2003. In addition to her rigorous training, she has a wide visual culture and a passion for contemporary art which inspires her creations. Her pieces are characterized by an exceptional sense of proportion, harmony, poetry, humor and a free spirit.Emotional value combined with luxury and glamour is inherent to her unique jewelry.

Alia Mouzannar has won several awards and accolades, including HRD 2011 contest in Shanghai for the ‘Folding in Love’ bracelet. Since then, her career led her to work with Zaha Hadid, who collaborates with the family house of jewelry A&W Mouzannar on a line of jewels. More recently, she has shown her talent with the “Cache Ring”, a contemporary concept that shows her vision in modernizing jewelry, and typifies her ability to apply a modular take on traditional jewelry.

Alia’s jewelry is an alibi to tell stories. Her modern take on life, give her plenty to tell. Deeply affected by a nostalgia for theatre, a woman’s instinct, and an artist’s vision and imagination, she creates organic, flexible jewels, evolving in a free and engaging way.

What defines your style?

A bohemian way of artistry, where everything is poetic and undefined, yet coherent at the end.

What are your most commonly used materials?

18 carats brushed gold, diamonds and enamel.


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