The Universe Mini Pendant

Atelier Lïya


  • 18K Yellow Gold, 5.80 gr
  • Diamonds: 0.25 ct
  • Diameter: 2 cm
How many of us have looked at the stars and marveled at all the secrets they hold. The lives they have witnessed, the rise and fall of empires, the fleeting kisses of forbidden lovers, the laughter of children… The first great astronomers originated from our part of the world. May we always remember them.

Pieces of Home collection: a word can only go so far but a story can touch the heart. From Mahmoud Darwish to Gibran Khalil Gibran with bits of music here and there, this collection is filled with lyricism and refinement. Designed with elegance, each piece is unique and engraved with a story from one heart to the other.