Shooting Taurus Single Earring with Diamonds



Diamonds Shooting stars on a gold earring inspired from the constellation of Taurus. In ancient greek mythology Taurus commemorates the god Zeus changing himself into a beautiful white Bull to win the affections of the Phoenician princess Europa. After Europa hopped onto the Bull’s back, the Bull swam across the Mediterranean Sea, taking Europa all the way to the island of Crete.

  • 9K Yellow Gold
  • White Diamonds
  • Single Left Earring
Constellation Collection: "Those who first invented and then named the constellations were storytellers. Tracing an imaginary line between a cluster of stars gave them an image and an identity. The stars threaded on that line were like events threaded on a narrative. Imagining the constellations did noot of course change the stars nor did the black emptiness that surrounds them. What it change was the way people read the night sky".
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