Scarab Ring



  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Dimensions: 1.7 cm x 1.5 cm
  • The scarab - especially the green kind - is known for signaling longevity and rebirth, coming all the way from the Middle East to affect the Greeks in the most peculiar ways, like centrifugal observations. It was also worshiped as a live jewel, since used from gem engravers as a study of forms. Stones were also sculpted in the shape of scarabs to be gifted to pregnant women in order to keep them safe. Hand-sculpted in detail, meant to imitate the remnant fossils imprinted on shales, still surviving in time.
  SHALES is a hybrid capsule collection, inspired by the summertime spent in the Cyclades. Created while having the history, the geomorphology, and the culture of the islands in mind, these 5 items feature different characteristics of profound symbolism and interpretation. The necklace forms a perfect circle around the neck, depicting the islands belonging to the Cycladic area of the Aegean sea, surrounding the wearer in the way summer memories do. The organic forms of the land are meticulously captured via digital micro-sculpting linking each piece to one another into one polymorphic jewel. The seemingly random scattered golden shales, excellently mismatch one another, same as they actually do in reality. The 4 rings are carefully hand-sculpted, meant to imitate and interpret elements of fossils left on the shales, same as imprints found in nature.
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