February Birthstone Ring



  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Amethyst: 4 mm
  • 12 White sapphires: 1.6 mm
  • Amethyst, the February birthstone is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. At one time, only royalty could wear the gem. Ancient Greeks thought that the amethyst was guarded against intoxication. In fact, “amethyst” comes from amethystos (αμέθυστος), a Greek word meaning “sober.”
  • Ring Size 54
BIRTHSTONES is a 12-ring collection of unique designs, embellished by 12 distinct stones, corresponding to the 12 months of the yearly calendar. An exclusive collection meant to honour birth and rebirth, interpreting the journey of being, as a celebration of life. The jewellery aims to become a statement piece for the wearer, devoted to the celebration of their birthday month, constituting a life talisman to pass on to the next generations. The sculptural yellow gold satinized rings are filled with the energy of the stones, all handmade and exceptionally designed to accompany their owner. Demonstrating the brand’s apogee of signature style, these rings challenge you to take a deep dive into °'HRIAM’s magical universe of treasures. Conceptually as well as contextually, the purpose of the rings is to become an iconic symbol of self-appreciation.
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