Shell Sea Ring

Francesca Villa


  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Blue Sapphires: 0.35 ct
  • Enamel
  • Rock Crystal Cabochon carved and painted by hand
  • Mother of Pearl plate
  • Ring Size 52.5
  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS "In these new crystals I let myself be driven by an oneiric approach, intentionally mixing together subjects usually separated in everyday life. My will was to move away from reality, to daydream, to let my inspiration run free. Three different themes give life to three capsules of this original Being Crystal collection. The first one, called “Whales at Wonderland”, introduces a white whale, a coffee cup and a small vase with a succulent plant. “A Fish Out of The Sea” has two animals traditionally living in different natural elements make friends and embark on a journey, while “The Mermaid’s passion for Cherries” tells of this strange longing and the caution the protagonist has to put in place in order to reach for the fruit but at the same time be safe. I’m very happy to underline that these crystals are the result of a close collaboration I have with an amazing couple of master carvers I found in Germany, two women of great talent and passion for their job. Together with them we brought back to life the antique technique that is the backbone of my beloved Essex Reverse Crystals I collect since long and that originally date back to a century ago. The Being Crystal collection is now ready to welcome unexpected new developments."