Liberty Ring

Francesca Villa


  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Sapphires: 0.34 ct
  • Peridot: 0.3 ct
  • Blue Topaz: 0.3 ct
  • Mammoth
  • Ring Size 53
  BE YOURSELF  The collection BE YOURSELF brings to life Francesca Villa's personal collection of antique and vintage cameos. The collection includes one-of-a-kind pieces with antique cameos and reproducible pieces with mammoth and precious and semi precious stones. Francesca Villa loves the tiny little figures, with their wonderful imperfections, carved on gems. She adores seeing and feeling the passage of time on their little intense faces. Each cameo tells a unique story and for this reason Francesca Villa has embellished them in different ways. The combination of enamels and precious stones gives each ring an unexpected modern twist. For the reproducible pieces, Francesca Villa has maintained the imperfections (the mammoth is cut following the exact shape of the original cameos) in her interpretation of old cameos: precious and colourful stones inlaid in mammoth’s layers. Again, each one tells its own story.