Poison Ivy Earrings



  • 14K Yellow Gold, 5.60 gr
  • Green Tourmaline Baguettes: 1.82 ct
  • Emeralds: 0.46 ct
  • Diamonds: 0.13 ct
  • Length: 3.60 cm
The Ivy plant has important symbolic meanings and is part of a rich mythology due to its climbing qualities and its ability to bind different plants together. In the medieval legend of Tristan and Isolde, Tristan was a Cornish knight and Isolde was an Irish princess. Tristan went to Ireland to claim Isolde as a bride for King Mark. During the journey back to Cornwall, Tristan and Isolde fell in love after drinking a love potion. Wanting to separate them even in death, King Mark commanded they were buried in separate graves. Legend has it that an ivy vine grew out of each grave and twined around each other forming an inseparable connection. When King Mark cut the twined plants they regrew and reconnected growing into one inseparable plant.