Griffe Earrings with Diamonds

Elie Top


  • 18K Yellow and Rose Gold, 7 gr
  • Distressed Silver, 2.50 gr
  • 6 Diamonds: 0.65 ct
  • Serial No 1
  • Made in France
Magica Natura: “As if magnetized by the song of the Earth, I entered in a dream the heart of the primordial forests and contemplated, fascinated, its luxuriant treasures. And it was intoxicated with so much immemorial beauty that the reverie continued on the paper where I summoned this bestiary and its attributes that had appeared to me: Answering the call, Chameleon, Tortoise, Snake, Hornbill, Crocodile, their scales, teeth, claws and shells from another age – that of their origins – came to populate our mineral forest and tame the city. Trans fi gured into stone and metal sculptures, these animals with their precious armor wrap around the wrist, rest on the hands, swinging around the necks of new and proud Amazons. From one forest to another, Magic of Nature! “- Elie Top