Ray Turquoise Ring

Atelier Lïya


  • 18K Yellow Gold, 3 gr
  • Diamonds: 0.09 ct
  • Turquoise: 0.50 ct
  • Size 46.5
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 cm
"I have taught myself to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, to marvel at the mundane, and embrace all the mini wonders this earth has to offer. Let us choose to look at the world through eyes that practice humility and gratitude, for when we do, life becomes alive."

Adele's Drawer collection: her Name was Adele and she was a lady in all sense of the word. She wore her jewelry with grace, and her eyes sparkled with such intensity that you could not look away. This collection reminds me of what I would find looking through that top drawer of her mahogany dressing table... little treasures that made me dream of fairytales and love.