Diamond Vine Leaf Earrings



  • 18K Yellow Gold, 3.30 gr
  • Marquise Brilliants: 0.15 ct
  • Brilliants: 0.08 ct
A symbol of determination as the ability of the vines to grow and move into the most unlikely places signifying the plants will and drive to survive against all odds. Vine leaves are symbolic of regeneration as its tendrils curl into any space to meet the light.

In the Forêt collection, the ancient greek adagio “Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ” is captured in each design embracing the birth, growth and evolution of all living beings, searching for a state of harmony. The Forêt collection celebrates the quest for survival and evolution of each organism within harmony of its wider surroundings. The natural flow and perfect imperfection of all forest creatures, in their beautiful variety of shapes, forms and strengths, interconnected and co-existing in a magical world that constitutes each forest.