Nava Joaillerie – Cynthia and Fabrice Nava


Born of the encounter between a classical music prodigy and a master jeweler, the story of Nava began in 1999, rue Haxo, in the heart of Marseille. From this passionate union was born Atelier Nava which quickly became the best-kept secret of Place  Vendome  greatest names.  Guardian  of  exceptional  craftsmanship and  boundless creativity, Atelier Nava was, for over 20 years, the little hands behind French most renowned fine jewellery Houses.

Reflecting uncompromising standards, the creation process for each Nava jewel is both ethical and responsible. Entirely made in France, respectful of the Kimberley Process, Nava signs each of its creations with diamonds of exceptional quality.

What defines your style?

With an avant-garde, no holds-barred vision, Cynthia Nava instills a maxim that guides each of her creations: “to break the rules, you have to master it”. Oriental curves combine with architectural lines in a creative process inspired by memories of a childhood marked by travels.

Each collection resonates with a story, a vision, a dream. Designed for independent, loving,  vibrant women, these collections are a nod to their strength and grace.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold 18k, diamonds of exceptional quality.

Our Favourite Jewellery Piece by Nava Joaillerie

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